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Robert Grafer

Founder/Owner of RTGrafix

With over 20 years of design experience and 10 years of printing experience, I promise to exceed all your expectations!

Technically founded back in 2004 when the founder, Robert Grafer, took his first ever web design class in high school; RTGrafix now encompasses multiple aspects of the design, print, and web services industry.


In June of 2015, Sam Donsbach joined RTGrafix Design as a co-owner to continue our commitment to premium, unique, and affordable design. Although based in Chicago and Central Illinois, with the beauty of the internet, RTGrafix is able to work with customers from around the world to bring their ideas to life.


As stated on our home page, the goal of RTGrafix is very simple: Design is everywhere. It literally inudates us wherever we look, and everywhere we are. RTGrafix wades through the complexities of successful design and works with you to create something that will fit your needs perfectly. Whether it's an elegant and unique invitation for your wedding, or an entire rebranding effort for your company, RTGrafix will be with you every step of the way.


Feel free to browse the site, check out our previous work, take a look at our current projects and other ideas and topics on the blog, and if you like what you see, request a quote! Head over to the Pricing and Services page to get a general idea of our pricing structure and the services we offer and contact RTGrafix today!



The following list is not inclusive by any means, so if there's something missing or a service isn't listed, please contact RTGrafix and we'll do our very best to accommodate your request!


Design Services:
  • Business Cards

  • Invitations

  • Wedding Packages (includes invitations, RSVP cards, accommodation cards, menus, place cards, etc)

  • Letterhead

  • Calendars

  • Book, Magazine, and Catalog layouts

  • Logo design

  • Website design and maintenance/Search Engine Optimization

  • Branding packages/Social Media Optimization

  • Listings on Google Places/Yelp/etc

  • Print and web advertisements in various formats

  • T-shirt Design

  • CD face/cover/traycard design

  • Flash and other video solutions

  • Banners and other large format printed pieces


Print Services:

RTGrafix works hard to make sure you're completely satisfied and all the hassle is taken out of your design project. Once you're happy with your design, if you choose to have it printed, we can assist you as well. With over 7 years of experience in the printing industry, RTGrafix searches tirelessly through reputable, quality printers to find you the best price possible to bring your design and message to life. When requesting a quote, ask about printing services to find out more. Of course, if you'd rather have the design printed yourself, RTGrafix will provide a high resolution file that's yours to keep.



As always, this is the category that everyone wants to know about, but yet is the hardest to definitively pin down. With the invention of the internet and an exponential growth in technology year after year, it's become easier and cheaper to attempt to create art and design on your own. At the same time, it appears it's become more difficult and more expensive to produce high quality, clean, and professional designs at an affordable price. This is the gap RTGrafix would love to fill! While tinkering and learning new crafts on your own is always encouraged, sometimes your busy schedule or lack of technical expertise with current design programs makes it difficult to produce what you want. Many people have brilliant ideas in their mind's eye, but don't have a way of graphically expressing it. That's exactly what we're here for! RTGrafix will work with you either electronically via Skype, Google Hangouts, or whatever is preferred to make sure your needs are met, or if you're in the area we could always arrange a meeting as well.


Now on to pricing! Here is a general idea of price breakdown based on category.


  • An already designed piece that you've seen on this website and would only require slight modification (name change, color change, etc) - $30

  • Simple invitations, business cards, ads, letterhead, etc - $50

  • Complex invitations, business cards, ads, as well as some simple banners - $100

  • Simple websites, logos, calendars and t-shirt designs - $150 and up

  • Complex websites, logos, calendars, t-shirts designs, as well as all else! - $250 and up


Again, these are just ballpark figures because I know most people (us included) like to have real, concrete numbers. The truth however, is that each project is unique and a "one-size-fits-all" pricing model (with the exception of already designed and simple pieces) is not guaranteed, so contact us today for a more personalized quote!

Turnaround Times

Turnaround Times

As with pricing, time will vary based on specific project details. As a general rule of thumb though, simpler, cheaper design types listed above will range from a few days to a week. More complex, expensive projects can take several weeks to a month or more. Rest assured, RTGrafix will be there to keep you informed of where your project is throughout the whole process, and we pride ourselves on timeliness!

Follow Up and Additional Services:

Follow Up and Additonal Services

If all you need is a simple design and you're satisfied with our services and require nothing further, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us here and tell us about your experience, or like and follow us on any of the various social media on the bottom of the page. As with most things in life though, there's always more work to be done! We save and archive all our work, so if you ever need to make changes to the design that can be easily accomplished, or we could continue to assist you with marketing and follow up pieces. If we've done a website for you, you have the option of having us continue to maintain it for a fee, or we'll give you a brief tutorial on making updates and turn it over to you! We're so confident in the user-friendliness of the interface we've chosen, that for just $20 per month for hosting and domain name fee you'll have everything you need to keep your website relative and competitive.

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Contact Us

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