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Why your company needs a new logo

My girlfriend and I have been watching marathon blocks of Bar Rescue recently, and every episode includes a visual alteration for the business. Granted they’re doing a full rebranding, but it holds the same basic concept. Those bars are suffering, in part, because of their visual presence. The updated visual presence brings in new clientele; arguably clientele that were already living by the bar, but had dismissed it with no intent of revisiting.

1. You’ve already captured the market your logo appeals to.

I’m sure your company’s logo is a staple visual aspect to your current clientele, but you’ve already enticed that buyer to purchase from you. Think of how often you commute past the same boring signs for shops you’ve already dismissed. Without any display change, there’s no incentive to ever visit that business. Updating a logo or sign will catch the eye of those commuters and give them reason to rethink their opinion of the business.

2. Your logo is not a reflection of your current business.

Maybe it’s as simple as your logo no longer represents your current business. Most entrepreneurs start out with one product or service, then grow and diversify into something much different. The idea behind a logo is to represent where your business would like to go, rather than where it has been in the past.

3. No worries, they’ll stick around.

If you’re worried about scaring off the customers you already have then I have good news! Changing something as small as a logo won’t drive off already established customers. As long as the service or goods you’re providing doesn’t change in quality; they’ll continue to utilize your business. A logo update can only increase your customer base!

Whether you’re looking to advertise to a new client base, provide a clearer display of what your business provides, or you just want to find something that looks cool; updating a logo can only help you.

Contact RTGrafix Design today for a free quote for your logo, or to improve and update an existing one!

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